My fiance wiped away my shame – Tiwa Savage





Among the many words that can  describe Tiwa Savage’s sojourn in the Nigerian music industry, the most apt is ‘meteoric’. The reason is not far-fetched. Just a few years back, Tiwa, amidst fear of the unknown, left the U.K where she already had everything going for her as a backup  singer and songwriter for most UK’s  high-flying artistes to build her music career in Nigeria.

Despite facing series of discouragements, she did not give up on her  resolve to break new ground in the nation’s music  industry.  Today, she is one  of the best things that ever  happened to the industry. She is grateful to God & thankful to the man in her life.

She dedicated a song in her new album to the man in her life,the track “Written All Over Your Face”. She said she dedicated the song to him for the role he played in her life. She said she met him at a time when no one was ready to help because she is a female artiste. And whenever she wanted to give up and cry sometimes, he always encouraged her to be strong and move on. “He’s my back bone. I love him because he’s been there for me. He wiped my shame away when he put a ring on my finger.” Tiwa said.

Tunji Balogun,T.J,as fondly called by Tiwa owned 323 Entertainment that manages Tiwa with Marvin Crew.



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