TIMAYA, AFOLAYAN, and M.I with their Bentleys



Aremu afolayan

Aremu afolayan

Nigerian music star, and car freak, Timaya, also joined the league last year with a 2009 Bentley Continental GT Coupe. According to his manager,it had always been Timaya’s dream to buy a Bentley. So, when the opportunity to buy the car came, he jumped at it. He also needed to separate himself from other Range Rover users. Ouch!!!

The actor and producer who is the younger brother of film-maker Kunle Afolayan took delivery of a customized Bentley Continental GT car on April 7th this year and shared this photo on twitter to announce it. Rumors trailed him though as people speculated the car was bought by his sugar mummy. But the actor defended himself saying he acquired this luxury with his ‘hard earned money’.

After being a victim of car theft in Abuja earlier this year, Nigerian Rap star, M.I Abaga proved he is also a ‘chairman’ by purchasing a brand new Bentley like his colleagues. He shared ‘jaw-dropping’ photos of his new ride on his website.

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