Three shot dead in Cairo, Islamist protests spread

At least three protesters were shot dead on Friday outside the Republican Guard barracks in Cairo where deposed President Mohamed Mursi is being held, security sources said, as angry Islamist supporters confronted troops across Egypt.
As darkness fell, thousands of pro- and anti-Mursi demonstrators gathered in parts of Cairo. Soldiers and special forces backed by armored personnel carriers attempted to keep small groups from the two factions apart.
Tens of thousands of people marched across the country in what Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood movement called a “Friday of Rage” to protest against his ouster and an interim government set up to prepare for new elections.
Egypt’s first freely elected president was toppled on Wednesday in what his supporters call a military coup, the latest twist in a tumultuous two years since the fall of Hosni Mubarak in “Arab Spring” uprisings that swept the region in 2011.
Mursi supporters in Cairo were hit by shotgun pellets after a crowd of several hundred people marched towards the barracks where Mursi is being held. Reuters photographers saw at least one dead young man and several severely wounded being carried from the scene.

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