16 year old boy rapes 55 year old woman

A teenager was arrested after a woman told police she was raped by him.
The 16-year-old of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe, allegedly raped the woman, 55-years-old, in the street in broad daylight.
The teen, who is from the village of Lutotombi, appeared before Judge James Takundwa on charges of rape. The young man was remanded to prison pending medical examinations by two doctors to determine his mental state.
Police said that around 6:00 pm, the woman was on her way back to the village of Lutomboni, when the teenager, who came from the opposite direction, approached the woman.
The young man walked over to the woman and pretended that he wanted to ask the woman a question, but when the 55-year-old stopped to speak with him, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the side of the road. The two wrestled with each other as the woman was trying to get away, but the teen finally overpowered her and raped her before fleeing the scene.
The woman proceeded home, where she told her son-in-law about her ordeal. He alerted the police. The woman was taken to the hospital where the rape was confirmed. The woman gave police a clear description of the teenager. Police searched the area and found the suspect and he was arrested.
The Beitbridge District hospital’s medical examination report of the rape was produced in court. The teen was advised not to plead guilty, instead, he will be examined by two doctors at a public hospital, as he reportedly has a history of mental illness. Courtesy Zimbabwe News Online

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