Man raped for 2 days by a group of women ‘sperm harvesters’ in Zimbabwe.

There reports of aggravated indecent assault cases perpetrated by suspected female rapists on male hitchhikers.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara of the Zimbabwan Police Force said the latest incident occurred last week.

This followed a report that a 32-year-old complainant (name withheld) boarded an unidentified Nissan twin cab.

The car had three occupants, one male and two females. It is alleged that after driving for some distance, the women on the front passenger seat produced a pistol and pointed it at the complainant who was seated in the back seat.

The complainant was forced to take two unknown tablets and fell unconscious.

He was taken to an unknown place where he was kept in a room for two days, during which time he was forced to take various concoctions and ordered to have sex with the two female assailants on numerous occasions.

On July 5 at around 11:30pm, the complainant was again forced to take two unknown tablets and fell sleep. He was bundled into a car before being dumped at a fly-over.

The complainant later regained consciousness before proceeding home and only reported the matter Police Station on July 7. Culled from Zimbabwe News Online

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