Wildest facts about Angelina Jolie..

Angelina has admitted,that throughout her life, she has had intense dislike of being hugged. She has said, “Growing up,I had a thing for people hugging me, even my mother……..”

In 2012, ‘The Sun’ reported that Brat Pitt bought a $400k shooting range for Angelina as a wedding present, because Angelina finds shooting an aphrodisiac. Though Brad has denied the rumor. He did make to say ” she’s really a good shoot by the way”

Years before she got engaged to Brad Pitt or married to Billy Bob Thorton, Angelina weds her ‘Hacker’ co-star,Johnny Lee Milner,1996. In lieu of bridal gown,Angelina choose to wear a leather pants & a white shirt emblazoned with the groom’s name in her own blood.

Angelina is a licensed pilot. She’s limited to a single-engine plane.

The seven lines of numerical tattoos on the left arm of Angelina depicts the longitudes & latitudes coordinates of birthplaces Brad & her six kids. She added the seventh.


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