World Cup 2014 Matches,Time & Cities

The full list of location & times for all 48 group games in Brasil 2014

June 12,1700
Brazil v Croatia (Sao Paulo)
June 13, 1300
Mexico v Cameroon (Natal)
June 17,1600
Brazil v Mexico (Fortaleza)
June 18,1500
Cameroon v Croatia (Manaus)
June 23,1700
Cameroon v Brazil (Brasilia)
June 23,1700
Croatia v Mexico (Recife)

June 13,1600
Spain v Netherlands (Salvador)
June 13,1800
Chile v Australia (Cuiaba)
June 18,1900
Spain v Chile (Rio de Janeiro)
June 18, 1300
Australia v Netherlands(Porto Alegre)
June 23,1300
Austraila v Spain (Curitiba)
June 23,1300
Netherlands v Chile (Sao Paulo)

June 14,1300
Colombia v Greece (Belo Horizonte)
June 14,1900
Cote d’Ivorie v Japan (Recife)
June 19,1300
Colombia v Cote d’Ivorie (Brazilia)
June 19,1900
Japan v Greece (Natal)
June 24,1600
Japan v Colombia (Cuiaba)
June 24, 1700
Greece v Cote d’Ivorie (Fortaleza)

June 14,1600
Uruguay v Costa Rica (Fortaleza)
June 14,2100
England v Italy (Manaus)
June 19,1600
Uruguay v England (Sao Paulo)
June 20,1300
Italy v Costa Rica (Recife)
June 24,1300
Italy v Uruguay (Natal)
June 24,1300
Costa Rica v England (Belo Horizonte)

June 15,1300
Switzerland v Ecuador (Brasilia)
June 15,1600
France v Honduras (Porto Alegre)
June 20,1600
Switzerland v France (Salvador)
June 20,1900
Honduras v Ecuador (Curitiba)
June 25,1600
Honduras v Switzerland (Manaus)
June 25,1700
Ecuador v France (Rio de Janeiro)

June 15,1900
Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina (Rio de Janeiro)
June 16,1600
Iran v Nigeria (Curitiba)
June 21,1300
Argentina v Iran (Belo Horizonte)
June 21,1800
Nigeria v Bosnia-Herzegovina (Cuiaba)
June 25,1300
Nigeria v Argentina (Porto Alegre)
June 25,1300
Bosnia-Herzegovina v Iran (Salvador)

June 16,1300
Germany v Portugal (Salvador)
June 16,1900
Ghana v USA (Natal)
June 21,1600
Germany v Ghana (Fortaleza)
June 22,1500
USA v Portugal (Manaus)
June 26,1300
USA v Germany (Recife)
June 26,1300
Portugal Ghana (Brasilia)

June 17,1300
Belgium v Algeria (Belo Horizonte)
June 17,1800
Russia v South Korea (Cuiaba)
June 22,1900
Belgium v Russia (Rio de Janeiro)
June 22,1300
South Korea v Algeria (Porto Alegre)
June 26,1700
South Korea v Belgium (Sao Paulo)
June 26,1700
Algeria v Russia (Curitiba)

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