Making love is like food to me — Maheeda

She’s bold, beautiful and a bombastic specimen who has never ceased to either over-awe or confound people’s imagination. Her stock in trade is music, gospel music and her own ingenious way of selling it to the people is to enshroud it in her sexuality.
Yes, to Maheeda, sex isn’t something covert, it is a way of life and to her mind’s eye the Heavenly Father doesn’t see anything wrong in it even if she has to go all naked, singing His praise. But in a recent chat with reporters, Caroline Sam or Maheeda, admitted that her seeming obsession with sex isn’t just only a ploy to drive attention to her music, she said she is addicted to it.“I’m addicted to sex and I have to have sex every day, at least once every day, and if there’s no guy around me , I will help myself

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